The Cost of Rewiring a Home in Tauranga


Like other functional systems of your house, the electrical system wears off with time. An aged electrical system is not only a safety hazard but also increases the possibility of damage to house appliances. A defective system calls for immediate inspection to determine the extent of damage or ascertain if you need replacing certain parts or a complete rewire. In most cases, rewiring is the best solution to keep up with the standard safety recommendations as well as to meet the demands of the latest technology upgrades within your home.

As much as the cost of rewiring a home is not an investment many would want to make, it could ultimately save you the trouble of replacing damaged appliances, prevent injuries and add value to your house.

How would you know if your electric system is defective?

You should particularly be alarmed if you notice any of these signs:
• Persistent burning smell or sparking of outlets connected to appliances
• Regular blowing of fuses
• Discoloration of outlets and switches
• Frequent tripping of circuit breakers
• Flickering of lights

The cost of rewiring a home

Electrical upgrades and rewiring could be a quite expensive proposition. The cost of rewiring a home in Tauranga New Zealand is determined by a wide range of factors. Even though majority of these factors are relatively forthright; for instance the size, general location and age of the property, there are a myriad of underlying factors that could significantly affect the cost of rewiring a house.

Here are some of the overlooked factors that affect the cost of rewiring;

1. Electrical supplies

Depending on the quality of finishing you want, electrical supplies from the cables, lighting, sockets and other fixtures, are priced differently according to the material they are made of. Plastic is the most affordable finish. Polished alloys are considered fancier but definitely at a higher price.

2. Inspection charges

It is important to always consult with a qualified electrician for electric system inspections. The local electrician Tauranga will give you a rough estimate of the charges for changes that ought to be made after a careful survey. The inspection definitely comes at a price thus affects the total cost of rewiring.

3. Labour cost

Typically, contractors work on an hourly rate while others would opt for a flat rate on basis of the size of the house. Qualified electricians might end up charging you more than the learners but it is important to note that cheaper solutions might end up costing you more for faulty repairs.

4. Miscellaneous costs

In the process of rewiring a house, walls and floors might be reaped apart for better access. In most cases, the electrician is not responsible for patching them back to place therefore there would be additional charges on a mason and repair supplies for the walls and floor.

What is the overall cost of rewiring?

Based on the above factors, our local team of well trained and qualified electricians will carry out inspection and rewiring procedures at a pocket friendly price. We make quick electrical repairs Tauranga and offer state of the art electrical service Tauranga according to your individual needs.

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Don’t Try These DIY Jobs at Home


DIY home projects are extremely good for saving money and for teaching your children new skills while making cherished memories. There are some DIY jobs, however, that should only be left to qualified professionals: The fire and safety risk involved is simply too great and the enjoyment of home improvement could easily become a stressful disaster.

Whether your goal is to save money, to spend some quality time with your kids or to overcome a new challenge, you should acknowledge that certain DIY jobs are simply too dangerous. Here are some DIY jobs that you should never try at home without qualifications.

1. Plumbing Work

There are certain plumbing jobs that a competent DIY practitioner can tackle with ease, such as replacing shower heads or faucets, installing toilets, and hooking up washing machines or sinks. However, most other jobs require the expertise of a professional.

You should never attempt to modify the hot-water heating system, change the water supply line or to fix a leak. As a DIYer, it is imperative to avoid plumbing jobs concealed behind floors, walls or ceilings.

2. Tree Cutting

This might seem like a simple DIY job but truth be told, tree cutting is inherently dangerous. For most DIY passionate people, it might seem tempting to grab a chainsaw and start cutting down tree branches one by one.

The first and most obvious danger is the chainsaw or axe: a lapse in concentration or an accidental slip could end in an emergency trip to A&E. The second, more overlooked danger is that of the tree branches or tree landing on a car, pet or even a child. The likelihood of these accidents occurring is further increased if the task is being performed on a ladder or another platform. When the risk of causing physical damage to a person or property is this great, calling in the professionals is quicker, easier and safer.

3. Roofing

Spending an extended amount of time on your roof is also a high-risk DIY project. Just one small misstep might send you to the hospital. Even though installing roof shingles does not seem like such a difficult task – or for that matter installing a new gutter – damp and mossy tiles can be slippery and you cannot be entirely sure of the conditions until you are up there.

You should only get on the roof if you are 100% sure that you are safe in case you fall. Even in this scenario, falling shingles might pose a threat to your family members. All in all, roofing jobs are simply not worth the effort and the risk.

4. Electrical Work

And ultimately, electrical work is probably the most dangerous DIY type of project. The risk of getting yourself electrocuted or creating a fire hazard is simply too high. Extending electric circuits or doing more advanced work requires the hand of an experienced electrician. Because all aspects of electrical work follow tightly monitored rules and regulations, you need to hire an experienced electrician such as one of the team at Epulse Electrical.

With over 10 years of experience in electrical jobs, Epulse Electrical is comprised of 11 certified master electricians in Tauranga. As members of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand, we can easily tackle any type of electrical work and can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing certified professionals have installed your wiring.

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Epulse Electrical Ltd – Your Local Electrician in Tauranga


When you need the wiring in your house or office sorted ASAP, contact Epulse Electrical Ltd, your local electrician in Tauranga for all electrical repairs and maintenance. Epulse Electrical provides experienced and qualified electricians to fulfil all industrial and commercial requirements, completing both short term and extensive electrical projects. You can expect an affordable and friendly service from Master Electrician members of the Electrical Contractors of New Zealand Association.

We can assist not only with emergency electrical situations but conduct preventative maintenance to minimise those emergencies. We are experienced with industrial electrical engineering, commercial electrical services and a range of specialist electrical services. We have electricians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your business functioning efficiently.

Why choose Epulse Electrical Ltd as your local electrician in Tauranga?

  • fully registered Master electricians with current practising licenses
  • for fault diagnosis we have the latest technology test equipment
  • we use the latest thermal imaging cameras
  • all electrical installations and maintenance work completed on time and to budget
  • we problem solve to fix issues quickly and prevent downtime
  • we can create an electrical maintenance program to maximise output for your plant or factory
  • preventative electrical maintenance minimises emergency call-outs!
  • emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • we provide services to Tauranga and also Mount Maunganui and the Bay of Plenty areas
  • our electricians are qualified for hazardous areas
  •  we offer a free online estimate via our website contact form (larger jobs require a site visit)

Industrial Electrical Engineering

Epulse Electrical are the Bay of Plenty’s experienced industrial electricians and we can solve all your plant and factory electrical problems. For electrical installations, maintenance plans and process automation engineering services, we have you covered with our team of fully registered and experienced Master electricians.

We have experience working with: chemical manufacturing, shipping, cool stores, glasshouses, wineries, cell phone systems, tank farms, waste water controls, sewage pumping stations, printers, paint processors and many other industries.

Commercial Electrical Services

At Epulse we offer a complete design and installation service for all new commercial builds. You can also receive maintenance services for your business. From air conditioning to automatic doors and gates, we have experience with designing, installing and maintaining wiring for schools, cinemas, office complexes, banks, restaurants, service stations, vehicle showrooms, courts, industrial complexes, apartment blocks and many other buildings.

Specialist Electrical Services

Epulse have a team of highly qualified electricians experienced in hazardous areas and other unique situations. Contact us when you need help to:

  • conduct a thermographic survey using thermal imaging equipment to detect localised variances in temperatures. Temperature variations can be an indication of potential electrical or mechanical overloads and fault conditions.
  • carry out testing and tagging of electrical equipment
  • reduce your electrical consumption as EcoSmart electricians
  • design, install and maintain switch boards, motors and process control centres
  • obtain certification for emergency lighting and automatic door systems
  • maintain and repair electronic gym equipment

For an affordable electrician that can carry out all your electrical repairs Tauranga wide, visit our website at for more information and a free quote.